Saturday, February 26, 2011


I haven't written in a while. Mostly, that is because I didn't have anything to say. That's not true. I probably did, I just forgot. It wasn't until I logged on today and saw that I had comments that I decided to write something more.

The last time I wrote, it was very uplifting. I feel like that's how all blog posts should be. We shouldn't post about the crappy times because who really wants to remember those, right? The last time I wrote I was also in love. Maybe I still am? Only the Lord really knows. But I have learned a lot of really cool things about love. This quote depicts it perfectly:

"Once upon a time, there was a person who swore they would love you forever. Their love moved on but your love stayed in the same place. Consider the opportunity to love the greatest of all blessings, even when love doesn't go your way. The love you give is the love you get, and it is good no matter where love takes you. Let the ability to love another belong to you forever and ever because real love stories never end." -Philosophy

When I first read this (it was in the shower one day because after all, this was the quote on my body wash bottle), I thought, 'That's not fair.' If the one I loved moved on, my love surely wouldn't stay in the same place. I would be like, 'See ya!' And move on as fast as possible. Morning after morning I would read it on that bottle, and I still didn't get it. One day, the love I was in turned into something else, and I finally understood. Even if you're out of love, you still loved. And everyday you were in it taught you something new. Things about caring more about another person than caring about yourself, putting their needs above your own, ignoring what everyone else says, looking for the good. Love teaches you that there is good and bad to everybody. I feel privileged to have loved and to have been loved. But some loves are simply to prepare you for something more, and in the end you can be in a love story with yourself. So fall in love, get your heart broken, and then fall in love again and again until you find that happily ever after.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There is so much to be grateful for.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have supposed myself as a potential blogger. Even as I was setting it up so that I could comment on my sister's newest adventure, I swore I would not, under any circumstances, write anything about myself. However, now I see why people get so wrapped up in blogging. It was sort of fun to pick a template, although I was not successful in my choice (it will due for now). And it sort of seems like a good way to communicate with the members of my family who do not have Facebook. Mom & Dad: that was not a suggestion that you get a Facebook. Please don't.

Recently, I just went back to school. That would total 12 consecutive semesters. That's a lot of semesters! And I just kept focusing on how bored and tired and stressed and miffed I was that my life was not exactly as I wanted it to be. But fortunately, at BYU-Idaho we have some phenomenal religion teachers. Brother Wahlquist (who, if you ever have the chance to take a class from, totally do it; he is amazing) helped me to pick up my feet. I started to look around at how blessed we all are to live somewhere where water runs from the faucet and we can walk around with our faces exposed. I personally have been so blessed with amazing family members and with amazing people in my life who are such wonderful influences. And really, people are the only thing that matters, in the end. Whether or not those people that we care about are happy. And if they are happy, then we should be also. The rest will all fall into place...eventually.